How is your planet important to the story of Star Wars?


Hoth is important to star war movie because that’s a moment when Luke hears Obi Wan kenobi’s voice that told him to go the the system planet to see Yoda.


It starts a new story for star war that Luke will go to see Yoda, learn how to control the force and can be good jedia also little bit about his father.


In addition at beginning of movie in Hoth planet luke  almost got eating by Wampa and he saved himself and he almost die because it was too cold and he got lucky that Han solo came for him.


The beginning of movie it show rebellion went there to live. So it important place for star war movie because the movie is most about fight between  Rebellion and Empire and what planet they leave in each movie its important for movie.


Now you know How is my planet Hoth important to the story of Star Wars.’

By:Doniyorkhon  M


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