I’m Father Lee

First I’m  and It was sprit and me and my children we went to city as we do every spring and I ,Hun-tai and Chuan-tai we was playing dice well Little Bao was watching the operas.

Second I saw that Grandma Crooked fighting with some one and I told him we can resolve this peacefully but he keep fighting. After little second he punch Grandma Crooked next to every body. I did not like it and punch him so he could not do it again. But my son Little Boa saw me and I did not like that and I said go enjoy your self in front of the stage, son.

Third The same guy that I punch came with Old man and he said who beat this man and he point on me and said that him over there. That old man took my stuff and I was trying yo fight but constable stop me. That old man Destroy Tu Di Gong! I got so mad and constable stop me again. And The old man and the guy who I beat left. Men of our village gather together after sundown. We decide that I will go to magistrate tomorrow with tribute from our village. In morning I left after I talk to my son 

Next: When we went there we saw small band of foreign soldiers. and they did not like us and all I said was Have you people no manners? Were the ones with the heavier burden! Then one of solder point gun on my had and I got scared and said all right please no trouble but after they beat us and we came back and I could not speak to my son because I got so scared I lost my voice.

Finally My all son’s became god’s and they leave to be hero. After my son’s left I refused to eat and die, people in my village buried me honorably.

By:Doniyorkhon M


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