I am Mei Wen

First,When my family met bad guys want to take our cow, they kill my mother. I feel very sad because they kill my mom and take our cow. But I met little Bao’s team, so we get help and want little Bao teach her KongFu.

Second, When Little Bao they leave my home, I want to follow them. But Little don’t let me follow. When Little have dangerous, I was bring who people know Kung Fu to help Little Bao them.

Third, When I with my team to help Little Bao’s team, I see Little Bao lie down on the floor. I think Little Bao is dead. But when he wake up, I was happy to seeing Little Bao is alive.

Next,When I see again Little Bao get hurt on his face, I feel very sad because Little Bao is our team’s leader. If he is dead, maybe the teammates will give up to fight. Also I want him promise me find another way to fight.

Finally, I don’t know why Little Bao brun the library because when he burn library, he burn people’s stories in same time, too. So I go in library to try safe more book. But I can’t save all of them. Then I was burn in library.

By:Haoliang M


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