I’m Mrs. Wong

             First I saw my husband call me and he show me girl that want to learn about Jesus then he ask can I bring Snacks and I brought her cookies. also I told my husband to take her with him to see priest.

              Second I was teaching girls about jesus but Vibiana was asking too many question then it was lunch time and I made food for every body but Vibiana love it. Then Mr.Yu came and he was mean but my hunsband talk to him and he left.  Finally Vibiana because Christian

                Third when me and my husband was bringing people to village to protect them from boxers we saw vibiana and her friend Kong I was happy to see her well. She show us how to get to village and we talk till late time and I tell my husband to sleep and we went to sleep

                  Fourth Vibiana saw that I was helping to my husband with trying the drug and my husband said you should not see this and she thought different I got mad because she didn’t knew why my husband doing this I told her why he’s doing this but she did not care she ignore me

                  Last my Husband safe Father Bey and die before he die he said this foreigner is a good man and die I said dear husband. I cry cry and cry he was a really good man.



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