Green looking plant

Green looking plant

Can you imagine living somewhere else a different place other than the motherland you call earth? 100 years into the future is where I’m from and my name is Forhad Sunny. I wasn’t there when everyone had to leave the earth; i was in my mother’s stomach. When everyone had to leave the earth and settled in the international ship of survive in space. Earth was being so polluted that all life on earth was dying and humans was in danger. In order for surviving everyone was to leave earth behind and into space. Now it has been a total 100 years that and none has heard a sign of earth or anything living there. I know the ship sends people down to earth to check for life and see if we can come back to start a life again but in all these years there is no hope. On a early morning the alert bells went off and everyone was awaken from sleep. I still remember running in my pajama to the main hall. On the big screen there was a small plant picture and it was the first time ever I saw a plant in my life. Then the speaker went off giving everyone a warning

‘’ Attention ladies and gentlemen please stand by and do not push or yell’’.

I can see the questions and confusion in everyone’s eyes. At that moment all I could see was the green looking plant and hope that earth was back. Back for life and we could go back to living in it.

‘’ Oh look a plant from the stories!! We can go back’’ said a old man next to me

‘’Earth is livable again’’ ‘’ we can go back ha ha ha haaa !!’’.

That was the only words going around and coming back. That tiny green plant was a whole new hope for life back on earth. Hope to go back to our motherland. When we had to go back everything was so new to me. Everything was so fresh and different. It was my first time stepping in the soil and smelling the fresh flowers and breathing the fresh air. Everything was so full of natural beauty. The trees, gardens, flowers, the sky everything was so amazing and full of life. For a moment I felt like I’m in a dream I couldn’t believe whatever I’m seeing it felt real. Everyone was so excited and jumping on the dream land well I was day dreaming how I’m going to adjust to this new planet so call Earth.

by : Forhad Sunny


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