how adaptation connects to the following concepts: Revolution,Power,Authority and Imperialism.

Power :

power mean you can do it but it’s not your job in boxer book the big sword society have power to save their country and protect the country. In saints book Four-Girl has the power to change her religion and her name to Vibiana because she wants to and nobody in her family treat her the way they are being treated.

Authority :

Authority mean you can do it but it’s your job and responsibility. In Star Wars movie at the beginning Luke was normal people like us. But situation let him from normal person to change jedi because he try to save his planet and friends. That is his adaptation. He had Authority to save his planet and friends. Then  Little Bao has the authority to teach the way of Boxers to who want to protect their country people.

Revolution :

Revolution means a huge thing. In boxers book The revolution started when Boxers started killing foreigners and this is a big change because it is meaning Boxers want to let them know get out of our country. Like some of them move to Peking because they change their religion and Boxer didn’t like it.

Imperialism :

Imperialism means a policy of extending a country’s power and influence through a big group of people. Its can adapted people in many ways. From “Saints” we see Bao was the leader of the Boxer, and make many times rebellion. He adapted a powerful boxer for that imperialism.

By: Haoliang


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