Adapting a story to a different setting. Use examples.

We draw comic book about the Macbeth, but we change Macbeth’s setting, like: time and places. Macbeth was happened on before 1600s in scotland, But in my comic book Macbeth was happened on 2014 in China. Here is example from my comic.



End of the world

This story is about 100 years future and what will happen in the future and when u read there is a lot of interesting stuff that you think hope you guys enjoy.

End of the world

By:Doniyorkhon Mukhamadiev


Good day like always, a lot of people develop so as Technology those days. We have or can make anything we want for example, we can make robots smarter than human but we don’t want because they can take over us. We got cars that can fly, we got a phone bigger than tv and this phone can cook food it’s crazy but  people still use it, we got a airplane that can travel same speed of light. We got more robots than humans in earth. Also, we got alot of things that you couldn’t even imagine. Now day’s most of people are not that rich because rich people buy robots and robots work for them. Even we have no real animals like we had in back time now robots animals are can be slow and fast at same time, they all look same shape they 16 inch from ground and they all got deep growl voice which always scares me. So most things in past to now changed a lot and technology taking control of people like now people can’t stop using it for hour. Everything was going good till pass to now we have one big problem that is the whether. Whether on earth getting really worse every day whether is like its raining every day and not stopping and the worse is rain water getting warmer every day. Nasa have Technology that can fine planets so people can go to that planet and live. Nasa finds 100 planet every day but some planet don’t have water, some have a lot of gas, some to hot and some very cold we can’t find the perfect one yet.

Humans say There is only one woman left to earth that can see the future and her name is Vanga she walk with cane and the hand she hold are scarred by fire. She were black color dress, she got a curved back and her eye can’t see but inside of her eye she can see the future. Today I might see her because she always came to church that I go but she don’t know me. If I see her today I will talk to her.

“hey Vanga” I said

Vanga said “Hey I can’t see you but you sound like nice person!”

I talk to her about my life and her life, but finally I ask her the question.

“ Vanga people say you can see the future. Is that correct?” I said.

“Well I can see little but I’m sure the end of the world coming soon and don’t tell anyone. People will be scared,” said Vanga.

“Wow im really scared. Oh my God!” I said.

Vanga said “Don’t worry end of the world will be after I die. But remember when I die my spirit will be in earth ”

And she left the church people was asking me what she said because she doesn’t always talk to people and Vanga talking to me was a big surprise for me plus she told me the end of the world coming soon and she only told me that it. After she said that I  was worried about what would happen if I die I was thinking about this every day like 100 times. Few day after people said “Vanga died,”  after I heard this one think I was thinking was about will I die soon? i’m not ready for this yet. Nasa told everybody that “he son getting hotter 10x faster than it was and after few days it might explode and destroy the earth we all gonna die”. After this, I said to myself that Vanga was right and its time to end of the world and we all gonna die after 5 days. The sun exploded and everybody in the earth was dead, but I did not. Why? Because before the sun reach the earth, I looked in sky and sky was turning red from blue. I looked in ground and said “I will die soon” and looked back to sky but sky was white. Something that white was coming near to me, I was scared and it finally reach me and it said “give me your hands.” It sound like a woman and I did give my hands and look at her. It was Vanga, she said “I came to take you” and we fly to some planet that with fruits and everybody clots are white.

By:Doniyorkhon M

The way technology change our life

Now in this world everything is connected to technology alike the past.Technology is helpful to us because you can communicate by messages on the phone and a lot of different ways like Kik, Facebook, Skype, and other different apps. back then the way the used to communicate was kinda difficult because they didn’t have a lot of technology. Humans have always looked for a way to make things faster, stronger, smarter, and better. This, it was widely thought, would make life easier. With advances in throughout the world lifestyle was made easier. At the time, you had to be looking at a black and white television to even get a chance to hear music. Or get a player thing Record. You can also listen to the radio, if you could afford one. Now people have iPod touches and an MP3 player and a CD player they bring with them. Music is now everywhere in our lives. This is just one example of how technology has progress. Most of the technology  back then was made by hands but now they made by machines.Technology also changed my life by gaining weight, when i watch movies or play video games that makes me lazy and hungry which makes me eat and drink a lot so instead of doing all that i can spend my time going to play sports outside. Technology is helpful and sometimes its not.


Green looking plant

Green looking plant

Can you imagine living somewhere else a different place other than the motherland you call earth? 100 years into the future is where I’m from and my name is Forhad Sunny. I wasn’t there when everyone had to leave the earth; i was in my mother’s stomach. When everyone had to leave the earth and settled in the international ship of survive in space. Earth was being so polluted that all life on earth was dying and humans was in danger. In order for surviving everyone was to leave earth behind and into space. Now it has been a total 100 years that and none has heard a sign of earth or anything living there. I know the ship sends people down to earth to check for life and see if we can come back to start a life again but in all these years there is no hope. On a early morning the alert bells went off and everyone was awaken from sleep. I still remember running in my pajama to the main hall. On the big screen there was a small plant picture and it was the first time ever I saw a plant in my life. Then the speaker went off giving everyone a warning

‘’ Attention ladies and gentlemen please stand by and do not push or yell’’.

I can see the questions and confusion in everyone’s eyes. At that moment all I could see was the green looking plant and hope that earth was back. Back for life and we could go back to living in it.

‘’ Oh look a plant from the stories!! We can go back’’ said a old man next to me

‘’Earth is livable again’’ ‘’ we can go back ha ha ha haaa !!’’.

That was the only words going around and coming back. That tiny green plant was a whole new hope for life back on earth. Hope to go back to our motherland. When we had to go back everything was so new to me. Everything was so fresh and different. It was my first time stepping in the soil and smelling the fresh flowers and breathing the fresh air. Everything was so full of natural beauty. The trees, gardens, flowers, the sky everything was so amazing and full of life. For a moment I felt like I’m in a dream I couldn’t believe whatever I’m seeing it felt real. Everyone was so excited and jumping on the dream land well I was day dreaming how I’m going to adjust to this new planet so call Earth.

by : Forhad Sunny

Using evidence to support a thesis.

If you wright essay and you want your essay to be good essay you need have a good thesis about some think that can be argument between people. After you have good thesis you need people to have opinion that some people say it true some say it’s not. After that you need to have evidence that support what your thesis and prove your right. For example, When I wrote my essay and my thesis was in “Star Wars” Darth Vader and In “Macbeth” Macbeth  represent genocide. People in my group thought this is not true so it was a argument. I need it to fine evidence that support my thesis. That the most most pretty hard part I took my evidence for “Star Wars” movie from movies I watch  and for “Macbeth” story I took from internet that you can see or read the hall play again. for “Star Wars” movie I chose Dark Vader dark color dress and prove my evidence by how his dress effect him self. For “Macbeth” I use evidence by when macbeth kill a lot of people and when he did I show that my evidence support my thesis. That how I did every time you right essay you need evidence that support you thesis. Even thou you have evidence but your evidence don’t support your thesis that not good essay and no body interesting on that kind of essay. Using evidence to support a thesis is the most important of essay.

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“Star wars”

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