The way Adaptation connects to the following concepts Power, Authority, Imperialism, Revolution

Adaptation:Adaptation is the action or process of adaptation or adapt.

 Revolution:A forcible overthrow of a government or social order in favor of a new system.Revolution is connected to adaptation because in Star wars Darth Vader was a jedi then he decided to make a big change to turn into the dark side to defeat the jedi so the jedis have to defeat them to gain peace.

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 1.18.38 PMRevolution

Power:power is something you capable to do or have capacity.In the movie star wars Luke Skywalker has the power to defeat the dark side of the empire which he did at the end of the movie.

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 1.20.36 PMPower

Authority:Power or the right decision to order something.In the book boxer little Bao had the power to lead which he was giving order to kill or to attack.Little Bao was the leader of his society so he had authority which he was responsible for the people lives.

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 1.19.22 PMAuthority

Imperialism:The imperial government; Ruled by an emperor or leader.In the movie Star wars there we an imperialism because the dark side had a emperor who ruled the whole empire.

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 1.21.13 PMImperialism



how adaptation connects to the following concepts: Revolution,Power,Authority and Imperialism.

Power :

power mean you can do it but it’s not your job in boxer book the big sword society have power to save their country and protect the country. In saints book Four-Girl has the power to change her religion and her name to Vibiana because she wants to and nobody in her family treat her the way they are being treated.

Authority :

Authority mean you can do it but it’s your job and responsibility. In Star Wars movie at the beginning Luke was normal people like us. But situation let him from normal person to change jedi because he try to save his planet and friends. That is his adaptation. He had Authority to save his planet and friends. Then  Little Bao has the authority to teach the way of Boxers to who want to protect their country people.

Revolution :

Revolution means a huge thing. In boxers book The revolution started when Boxers started killing foreigners and this is a big change because it is meaning Boxers want to let them know get out of our country. Like some of them move to Peking because they change their religion and Boxer didn’t like it.

Imperialism :

Imperialism means a policy of extending a country’s power and influence through a big group of people. Its can adapted people in many ways. From “Saints” we see Bao was the leader of the Boxer, and make many times rebellion. He adapted a powerful boxer for that imperialism.

By: Haoliang

I’m Mrs. Wong

             First I saw my husband call me and he show me girl that want to learn about Jesus then he ask can I bring Snacks and I brought her cookies. also I told my husband to take her with him to see priest.

              Second I was teaching girls about jesus but Vibiana was asking too many question then it was lunch time and I made food for every body but Vibiana love it. Then Mr.Yu came and he was mean but my hunsband talk to him and he left.  Finally Vibiana because Christian

                Third when me and my husband was bringing people to village to protect them from boxers we saw vibiana and her friend Kong I was happy to see her well. She show us how to get to village and we talk till late time and I tell my husband to sleep and we went to sleep

                  Fourth Vibiana saw that I was helping to my husband with trying the drug and my husband said you should not see this and she thought different I got mad because she didn’t knew why my husband doing this I told her why he’s doing this but she did not care she ignore me

                  Last my Husband safe Father Bey and die before he die he said this foreigner is a good man and die I said dear husband. I cry cry and cry he was a really good man.


Little Bao’s Family Tree

Hi, Guys. I am father Lee. Yes, I am Little Bao’s father. I have three sons, Big brother’s name is Hun-tai, he is honest person, Second brother’s name is Chang-fei, he looks like smart boy, but he always use his smart brain to do silly things, and last brother is Little Bao, he looks like a kid, so his brothers always to bullying him. And me, I am just a old man, and I am is a justice man.


By: Haoliang Zeng

Boxer as told by Stranger

The Stranger

I went to the market and had argument with grandma crooked but they don’t let me take what i want so i was so angry.Then was a old guy who was trying to stop me so i punched him. Then i lost because he was stronger than me so i left so i will be back.

A couple days later  I came back with a foreigner. The foreigner told them told give the product to me without paying. It seemed the foreign which is Father Bey had scare them so no one had spoken.

I was a little bit surprised that Father Bey also mashed their idol.

We left in the villagers appeals.

By :  Sunny