Interview from Ann class


Describe how you found you animal’s DNA?

First, I looked at the Feature from our animals because we have to using that to find the Amiao Acid. Amiao Acid have code. Like: Start-Gly-Phe-Arp-Stop. This Amiao Acid is no teeth.QQ截图20150423172233QQ截图20150423172249

Then we will use this table to let amiao acid change to mRNA. So no teeth’s amiao acid is Start-Gly-Phe-Arp-Stop. Then just follow the table. Start-Gly-Phe-Arp-Stop will change to AUG-GGU-UUU-AGA-UGA. So AUG-GGU-UUU-AGA-UGA is mRNA now.


Last,using mRNA to chane to half of strand DNA.  It’s was easy, just follow this rule.

DNA                mRNA





So, our no teeth’s mRNA is AUG-GGU-UUU-AGA-UGA

AUG-GGU-UUU-AGA-UGA→TAC-CCA-AAA-TCT-ACT, so TAC-CCA-AAA-TCT-ACT is our no teeth’s  half of strand DNA.

Then we will use a half of strand DNA to make anthor half of strand DNA. But this rule is different with mRNA change to DNA.

DNA                          Anthor DNA







Last, we will show our animal’s DNA:QQ截图20150423182033

By:Haoliang and Kalidou

The way technology change our life

Now in this world everything is connected to technology alike the past.Technology is helpful to us because you can communicate by messages on the phone and a lot of different ways like Kik, Facebook, Skype, and other different apps. back then the way the used to communicate was kinda difficult because they didn’t have a lot of technology. Humans have always looked for a way to make things faster, stronger, smarter, and better. This, it was widely thought, would make life easier. With advances in throughout the world lifestyle was made easier. At the time, you had to be looking at a black and white television to even get a chance to hear music. Or get a player thing Record. You can also listen to the radio, if you could afford one. Now people have iPod touches and an MP3 player and a CD player they bring with them. Music is now everywhere in our lives. This is just one example of how technology has progress. Most of the technology  back then was made by hands but now they made by machines.Technology also changed my life by gaining weight, when i watch movies or play video games that makes me lazy and hungry which makes me eat and drink a lot so instead of doing all that i can spend my time going to play sports outside. Technology is helpful and sometimes its not.


Green looking plant

Green looking plant

Can you imagine living somewhere else a different place other than the motherland you call earth? 100 years into the future is where I’m from and my name is Forhad Sunny. I wasn’t there when everyone had to leave the earth; i was in my mother’s stomach. When everyone had to leave the earth and settled in the international ship of survive in space. Earth was being so polluted that all life on earth was dying and humans was in danger. In order for surviving everyone was to leave earth behind and into space. Now it has been a total 100 years that and none has heard a sign of earth or anything living there. I know the ship sends people down to earth to check for life and see if we can come back to start a life again but in all these years there is no hope. On a early morning the alert bells went off and everyone was awaken from sleep. I still remember running in my pajama to the main hall. On the big screen there was a small plant picture and it was the first time ever I saw a plant in my life. Then the speaker went off giving everyone a warning

‘’ Attention ladies and gentlemen please stand by and do not push or yell’’.

I can see the questions and confusion in everyone’s eyes. At that moment all I could see was the green looking plant and hope that earth was back. Back for life and we could go back to living in it.

‘’ Oh look a plant from the stories!! We can go back’’ said a old man next to me

‘’Earth is livable again’’ ‘’ we can go back ha ha ha haaa !!’’.

That was the only words going around and coming back. That tiny green plant was a whole new hope for life back on earth. Hope to go back to our motherland. When we had to go back everything was so new to me. Everything was so fresh and different. It was my first time stepping in the soil and smelling the fresh flowers and breathing the fresh air. Everything was so full of natural beauty. The trees, gardens, flowers, the sky everything was so amazing and full of life. For a moment I felt like I’m in a dream I couldn’t believe whatever I’m seeing it felt real. Everyone was so excited and jumping on the dream land well I was day dreaming how I’m going to adjust to this new planet so call Earth.

by : Forhad Sunny

What were the steps to make your movie?

First, we will Practice because we don’t want to make the mistake in when we taking the video. before we taking the video, we have to chose quite place because I don’t want to see when we taking video, a person was come out and say something. Then after we chose a quiet places, we will step by step to example our own problem. Last, we finish we taking the video, we will put in the imovie to edit something(Tittle and background music.)


I’m Mrs. Wong

             First I saw my husband call me and he show me girl that want to learn about Jesus then he ask can I bring Snacks and I brought her cookies. also I told my husband to take her with him to see priest.

              Second I was teaching girls about jesus but Vibiana was asking too many question then it was lunch time and I made food for every body but Vibiana love it. Then Mr.Yu came and he was mean but my hunsband talk to him and he left.  Finally Vibiana because Christian

                Third when me and my husband was bringing people to village to protect them from boxers we saw vibiana and her friend Kong I was happy to see her well. She show us how to get to village and we talk till late time and I tell my husband to sleep and we went to sleep

                  Fourth Vibiana saw that I was helping to my husband with trying the drug and my husband said you should not see this and she thought different I got mad because she didn’t knew why my husband doing this I told her why he’s doing this but she did not care she ignore me

                  Last my Husband safe Father Bey and die before he die he said this foreigner is a good man and die I said dear husband. I cry cry and cry he was a really good man.